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Gaussian Laser Lines

World Star Tech Laser Line Diode Module

Line laser modules are available for wide range of applications. All our line lasers are fully self contained with integrated driver circuit, laser diode, aspherical optics and cylindrical line lens.
FLL series line lasers are low cost, fixed focus, rugged lasers for use in industrial alignment.
ULL/UHL series line laser modules offer user adjustable focusing capability with compact anodized aluminum body, and a fine adjustable line.
HPL Series lasers produce high visibility blue and green lines.

Features Applications
Precise Straight Line Alignment and Positioning
Available Prefocussed or Adjustable Focus Machine Vision
Wide Power and Wavelength Range Scanning
Laser series Wavelength Laser power Size Lens type Fan angle Features
FLL Series 635-670 nm 0.4 to 3.5mW 9 mm(D)X 25mm(L) Plastic 4,15,30,45 ,75 deg Compact, Fixed Focus
ULL-SERIES 635-670 nm 0.4 to 3.5mW 10.5mm(D)X 30mm (L) Aspherical Glass 4, 15, 30, 45, 75, 90 deg Compact, Adjustable Focus
UHL Series 635 - 980nm 7 to 100mW 12 mm (D)X 55mm (L) Aspherical Glass 4,15,30,45, 75 ,90 deg Adjustable Focus, High Power
HPL Series 520, 405, 450 nm 1 to 75 mW 15 mm(D) X 60mm (L) Aspherical Glass 4,15, 30, 45, 75, 90 deg Adjustable Focus

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