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OSRAM Laser Diodes

World Star Tech offers a complete line of single mode laser diodes  blue, green, and infrared OSRAM laser diodes. Osram blue laser diodes are available in single mode and multi-mode.

Single mode  green lasers have a high operating temperature range of up to 85°C without any active cooling required, unlike frequency-doubled lasers. Single-mode blue and green laser diodes deliver up to 110mW with excellent efficiency, resulting in minimal temperature increase during operation. These diodes can achieve a long life of up to 10,000 hours at 40°C. Additionally, the excellent beam quality of OSRAM laser diodes makes them suitable for optical imaging and their small package size enables highly compact systems such as pico-projectors.

Multi-mode laser diodes are also available with OSRAM’s portfolio. Lasers in the blue spectrum (447-450 nm) achieve up to 5 watts and are suitable for industrial and automotive applications. The laser diode light can be focused down to a point only a few micrometers in diameter using aspherical lens optics. The laser can be directly used as a blue light source or in combination with a special phosphor for white light conversion.

World Star Tech maintains a large inventory of OSRAM blue and green laser diodes. All OSRAM laser diodes can be selected by wavelength. Complete characterization of laser diodes is also available at a small additional cost, which will increase manufacturing reliability and ease. This includes wavelength, laser diode threshold current, slope efficiency, voltage, and monitor photodiode information with measurement data. Additionally, laser diode measurement, characterization and sorting service is also available.

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Part NumberWavelengthLaser powerPackageMax TemperaturePin configurationPolarization ratioDescription
PLT5 450B 450 nm80 mW5.6 mm85 deg2 pin100:1Single Mode
PLT3 450GB 450 nm100 mW3.8mm70 deg2 pin100:1Single mode
PLTB 450B 450 nm1.6 W5.6 mm70 deg2 pin100:1Multi Mode
PLPT5 447KA 447 nm1.6 W5.6 mm85 deg2 pin100:1Multimode laser
PLPT5 450KA 447 nm2.2 W5.6 mm85 Deg2 pin100:1Multimode
PLPT9 450LB_E 447 nm5 W9 mm90 deg2 pin100:1High Power
PLPM4 450 450 mm50 W25x35 mm70 degButterflyN/AHigh Power
PLPCOS 450D 450 nm5 W1X1.2 mm80 degCOSA100:1Multimode
PLT5 488 488 nm60 mW5.6 mm50 deg3 pin100:1Single Mode
PLT5 488C1C6 488 nm60 mW5.6 mm50 deg3 pin100:1Single Mode
PLT5 510 520 nm10 mW5.6 mm50 deg3 pin100:1Single Mode
PLT3 510 520 nm10 mW3.8 mm60 deg2-pin No PD100:1Single mode
PLT5 520EA_P 520 nm20 mW5.6 mm60 deg3 pin100:1Single Mode
PLT5 520EB_P 520 nm205.6 mm60 degN-TYPE with PD100:1Single Mode
PLT5 522FA_P 514 nm50 mW5.6 mm60 degN-TYPE with PD100:1Single Mode
PL 520_B1 520 nm50 mW3.8 mm60 deg2-pin No PD100:1Single mode
PLT5 520_B1-3 520 nm50 mW5.6 mm60 degN-TYPE with PD100:1Single mode
PLT5 520B 520 nm110 mW5.6 mm60 degN-TYPE with PD100:1Single mode
PLT3 520D 520 nm100 mW3.8 mm60 deg2-pin No PD100:1Single mode

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