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Laser Line Generators : FLL Series

Laser Line Generators : FLL Series

FLL-Series Line Laser modules are our low cost compact line laser series for high volume alignment and positioning applications.

Unique properties include a very compact rugged body ( 9 mm in diameter and 25 mm in length) with factory pre-focused laser line, available in a variety of fan angles.

Custom mechanical and optical configurations are available.

Fixed Focus LineAlignment
Compact CasePositioning
Reverse Polarity ProtectedMeasurement
Part NumberLaser powerWavelengthLens typeLaser classSize
FLL5-0.4P-635 0.4 mW635 nmPlasticClass 19 (D)x25(L) mm
FLL5-1P-635 1 mW635 nmPlasticClass II9 (D)x25(L) mm
FLL5-3.5P-635 3.5 mW635 nmPlasticDepends on Fan Angle9 (D)x25(L) mm
FLL5-0.4P-650 0.4 mW650 nmPlasticClass 19 (D)x25(L) mm
FLL5-1P-650 1 mW650 nmPlasticClass II9 (D)x25(L) mm
FLL5-3.5P-650 3.5 mW650 nmPlasticDepends on fan Angle9 (D)x25(L) mm

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