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Compact Lasers with Displays

Compact Lasers with Displays

World Star Tech’s line of COMPACT computer-controlled laser systems feature an integrated laser head, control electronics, and user-interface display in a portable, low-profile enclosure.

COMPACT is specifically designed for applications demanding complete control of the laser power, temperature and modulation. Adjust parameters directly on the device itself with the on-board touchscreen or pushbutton interface, or connect it to a computer via RS-232 or USB for remote control.

The COMPACT holds the temperature and power of the laser steady, demonstrating excellent beam quality, power stability and noise. COMPACT allows for variable laser modulation sequences, as well as a power and temperature scanning mode to determine optimal laser parameters low noise operation.

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The video below showcases the COMPACT-TS in action:

Part NumberLaser powerWavelengthLens typeModulationFeatures
COMPACT-405 500 mW405 nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode/Multimode depending on laser power
COMPACT-450 500 mW450 nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode/Multimode depending on power
COMPACT-488 50 mW488 nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode
COMPACT-520 100 mW520 nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode
COMPACT-532 20 mW532 nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode
COMPACT-561 40 mW561nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode
COMPACT-594 15 mW594 nmGlass Asperical LensNoSingle Mode
COMPACT - 633 75 mW633 nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode
COMPACT - 635 75 mW635 nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode
COMPACT-658 10-500 mW658 nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode/Multimode depending on power
COMPACT-808 500 mW808 nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode/Multimode depending on power
COMPACT -830 150 mW830 nmGlass Asperical LensYesSingle Mode

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