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Infrared Laser Modules

Infrared laser modules are available  from 705nm to 1064nm in our standard packages with or without TEC temperature control.

Modulation and pattern generating optics can be added onto all our infrared laser modules.

All infrared laser modules are self-contained with i driver circuit and optics. Custom options are available.

Features Applications
High Stability and Low Noise Imaging
Reverse Polarity Protected Bioanalytical
Excellent Wavelength Stability Machine Vision
Laser series Wavelength Laser power Size Ttl Modulation Temp control Features
UL-Series 780 to 980 nm 1 to 3.5mW 10.5 mm Dx26 mm L No No Compact, Adjustable Focus
UH Series 705 to 980 nm 5 to 200mW 12 mm D x 51 mm L No No Adjustable Focus, High Power
UT Series 705 to 980 nm 1 to 200mW 12 mm D x 51 mm L Yes No APC Modulation, Very Stable
TECIRL Series 705 to 1064 nm 1 to 400mW 25 mm D x 75 mm L Optional Yes Compact, Low Noise, Ideal for Biotech

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