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Uniform Laser Line

World Star Tech ‘s UNI-series uniform line lasers produce a line with uniform intensity along the length of the line. There is no central hot spot which is typical of Gaussian lines.

Uniform Laser Lines are particularly ideal for machine vision, sensing, imaging and scanning applications.

The UNI-series line lasers can produce a line thickness of less than 100 microns as a standard product. All our Uniform Line Laser modules are integrated with driver electronics and a uniform line lens.

Uniform line lasers are available in red, green and blue wavelengths. TTL Modulation can be added to Uniform line lasers.

Features Applications
Uniform Intensity Distribution Machine Vision
Available Prefocussed or Adjustable Focus Imaging
Laser series Wavelength Laser power Fan angle Features
UHL-Series Uniform Line 635 to 980 nm 7 to 150 mW 30, 45, 60, 75 deg High power,Adjustable Focus
HPL Series Uniform Line 440nm, 515 nm 5 to 50 mW 20, 45 , 75 Deg High Visibility, Adjustable Focus
ULL-Series Uniform Line 635 to 670 nm 0.4 to 3.5 mW 30, 45, 60 deg Adjustable Focus

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