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II-VI Laser Diodes

Laser Enterprise Laser Diodes

World Star Technologies, Inc is the North American distributor of II_VI Laser Enterprises GmbH.

II-VI Laser Enterprises is a industry leading provider of 980 nm single mode laser pumps, high power laser diodes and VECSEL laser solutions.

II-VI Photonics offers a variety of single-chip, 980 nm pump lasers from uncooled, semi-cooled and traditional-cooled pumps over a set of market leading power ranges.

We also package your Laser Enterprises Diode with laser driver circuit, optics and fiber.

Part NumberWavelengthLaser powerPackageMax TemperaturePolarization ratioFiberDescription
BMU9-10A-9XX-01-02-R 915, 940, 960, 976 nm10 W2 Pin60 deg.1 : 100YesUncooled Multimode Laser,0.15/0.22NA,105 micron core
BMU30-9XX-01-R 905, 930, 975, 980 nm30 W2 Pin60 deg.1 : 100YesUncooled Multimode Laser,0.15NA; 105 micron core
BMU40-9xx-02-R 915, 940, 960, 97540 W2 pin60 deg1 : 100YesUncooled Multimode; 0.22NA 106.5μm core multimode optical fiber with 0.16NA under-filling
CM96Z*** - 7* 974, 978. 980 nm600 mW10 Pin Butterfly75 deg.1 : 100YesCooled Butterfly 980 nm Pump,Corning HI1060
CM97 - xxx - 7x 980 nm1 W10 Pin Butterfly75 deg.1 : 100YesCooled 980 Pump, Corning HI1060
CM97A1064NFBG 1064 nm1.5 W10 Pin Butterfly75 deg.1 : 100Yes Pulsed 1064nm Narrow Bandwidth FBG Laser; Polarization Maintaining Fiber
CMDFB10xxA 1030, 1064 nm800 mW10 Pin Butterfly75 deg.1 : 100YesWavelength Stabilized DFB Laser;Polarization Maintaining Fiber
LU96Z***-7* 974, 976 nm300 mW8 Pin Butterfly75 deg.1 : 100Yes Uncooled mini-DIL 980nm Pump Laser Module

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