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Collimated Laser Diode

Collimated laser diode

Collimated laser diodes are an assembly of a laser diode with a specified collimating lens within a compact package. At World Star Tech, we offer a wide range of collimated laser diodes from 400 nm to 1064 nm, available in both standard and custom designs to meet your specific needs.

Our experienced design team excels in creating custom laser diode collimators with the desired divergence, beam size, and shape. We are dedicated to providing precision-engineered solutions tailored to your application requirements.

Typical Collimated Laser Diode Applications:

  • Industrial Measurement and Alignment: Achieve precise measurement and alignment in industrial settings with our high-performance collimated laser diodes.
  • Positioning and Sensing: Enhance your positioning and sensing systems with our reliable and accurate laser diode solutions.
  • Machine Vision: Improve image capture, analysis, and automation tasks with our advanced laser diode technology.
  • Scanning: Utilize our collimated laser diodes for efficient and accurate scanning applications, ensuring optimal performance.

At World Star Tech, we are committed to delivering high-quality, innovative laser diode products that drive success in your projects. Contact us today to learn more about our collimated laser diodes and how we can help you achieve excellence in your applications.

Compact Collimated Laser DiodeAlignment and Sensing
Anodized Insulated Aluminum BodyMachine Vision and Industrial
Part NumberLaser powerWavelengthLens typeFeatures
COL-XXG-520A10, 30, 50 mW520 nmAspherical GlassCompact Body
COL-XXG-6357, 10, 20 mW635 nmAspherical GlassCompact Body
COL-70G-780A70 mW780 nmAspherical GlassCompact Body

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