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Laser Beam Profiler

Laser Beam Profiler


Laser Beam Profiler- Get a full picture of your system’s optical performance with the World Star Tech BeamCam laser beam profiler.
BeamCam laser beam profiler allows you to see the exact shape and features of your laser beams at a microscopic scale. Designed for repeatable and reliable data acquisition, it is ideal for manufacturing, servicing, and assembly applications.

The windowless 1.3 Megapixel 1/2” sensor captures laser beam profiles without the fringing effects present with standard image sensors. View intricate beam features as small as 5.2µm.

Visualize the beam with real-time ellipse calculations and view cross sections with curve fitting. Key beam width parameters of interest, such as Full Width Half-Maximum (FWHM) and 1/e2 are displayed on the easy-to-use Windows software interface. Track beam centroid stability over time with the beam wander visualization tool featuring customizable test durations and sample rates. Export your results to various image formats or as a PDF report.

High Resolution- 5.2μm x 5.2μm pixelCW and Pulse Laser Beam Profiling
Very CompactPrecision Beam Pointing Stability Measurement

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