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Red Laser Diode Modules

Red Laser Diode Modules

World Star Tech’s Red Laser Diode Modules are available from 635nm to 690nm, in various power level and package sizes.

LQB, LR and ML-series laser modules are compact modules with a collimated beam.

UL, UH and UT-series laser modules are self-contained, compact, focus adjustable modules with a high-quality aspherical glass lens with exceptional beam quality, low divergence, high boresight accuracy, high stability and low noise.
UT-series lasers can be modulated up to 1MHz.

TEC-Series lasers are temperature-controlled lasers with high stability and low noise.
All our UL, UH, UT and TEC series laser beams can be circularized as a custom option.

Excellent Wavelength and Power StabilityBioanalytical and Measurement
Low Power ConsumptionImaging
Product nameDescriptionPackageFibermax output
LQ-Series Compact Brass Body, Fixed Focus9mm(D)x19mm(L) No 3.5 mW
LR-Series Compact Brass Body, Fixed Focus Circular Beam9mm (D) X 25mm (L) No 1 mW
ML Series Small Package, Fixed Focus8mm (D) X 36mm (L)No 3.5mW
UL-Series Adjustable Focus 10.5 mm (D) X 26mm (L) No 5 mW
UH-Series Adjustable Focus, High Power12mm (D) X 51mm (L)Can Be Added 100 mW
UT Series Adjustable Focus, TTL Modulation Enabled12mm (D) X 51mm (L)Can Be added 100 mW
TECRL-Series Temperature Controlled Laser25.4 mm (D)X 76.2 mm (L)Can Be Added Varies with Wavelength

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