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Cross Laser Diode Modules: Red-visible

Green Cross

Cross Line Laser Modules (UCL and UCH-Series) are fully self-contained with integrated laser driver circuit, surface polished glass aspherical lens, laser diode and cross-line generator.
Unique properties of Cross Line Laser Modules include a perfectly straight cross, compact anodized aluminum body, fine adjustable focus, clean beam, low divergence, high boresight accuracy and industrial strength. Green Cross Line lasers have very high visibility and are highly recommended for alignment applications.
Our standard cross-line lasers have a fan angle of 25 degree. Cross line lasers with fan angle of 5, 10 and 45 deg are also available. They are available in wavelengths ranging from 440nm to 830nm. Please contact us for any custom requirements.

Integrated Compact Precision Cross LaserMeasurement
High Power StabilityAlignment & Assembly Guide
Laser seriesWavelengthLaser powerFan angleFeatures
UCL Series 635 to 670 nm0.4 to 3.5 mW25 DegAdjustable Focus
UCH Series 515 to 830 nm7 to 70 mW25 DegAdjustable Focus

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