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HPL Series Violet-Blue-Green Laser Line

Green Light Laser

HPL series violet, blue and green laser  line modules are fully self contained with a laser diode, control circuit and optics.

HPL series green lasers are more visible than red lasers and are suitable for projection on hot metal or wood surfaces.

TTL modulation option can be added to all HPL Series lasers.

Features Applications
Thin straight line Machine Vision
Custom focussed or collimated line Automation
Part Number Laser power Wavelength Lens type Modulation
HPL Series Violet Laser Line 5 to 50 mW 405 nm Glass Can be added
HPL-Series Blue Laser Line 5 to 50 mW 450 nm Glass Can be added
HPL-Series Green Laser Line 1 to 75 mW 520 nm Glass Can be added

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