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Red Laser Modules: LQ-Series Red Laser diode modules

Red Laser Modules: LQ-Series Red Laser diode modules

LQB-Series Laser diode modules are fully self-contained with integrated laser driver circuit, aspherical plastic lens optics and  laser diode in a compact brass body.

Unique properties include compact body , clean beam, industrial strength and low cost.

If your application requires high beam pointing stability it is recommended to use glass aspherical lens.

Auto Power ControlMeasurement
Low Power ConsumptionPointing
Reverse Polarity ProtectedSensing
Small SizeAlignment
Part NumberLaser powerWavelengthLens typeLaser stabilityLaser class
LQB-0.4S-635 0.4 mW635 nmPlastic< 1%Class 1 (IEC)
LQB-1S-635 1 mW635nmPlastic<1%Class II (CDRH)
LQB-2S-635 2 mW635nmPlastic< 1%Class IIIA (CDRH)
LQB-0.4S-650 0.4 mW650 nmPlastic< 1%Class 1 (IEC)
LQB-1S-650 1 mW650nmPlastic< 1%Class II (CDRH)
LQB-2S-650 2 mW650 nmPlastic< 1%Class IIIA (CDRH)
LQB-0.4S-670 0.4 mW670 nmPlastic< 1%Class 1 (IEC)
LQB-1S-670 1 mW670 nmPlastic< 1%Class II (CDRH)
LQB-2S-670 2 mW670 nmPlastic< 1%Class IIIA (CDRH)

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