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Infrared Laser diode Modules: UT Series Infrared Laser

Red Laser Module

UT series Infrared Laser modules are fully self-contained with integrated laser driver, laser diode and surface polished glass aspheric lenses.
Unique properties include compact anodized aluminum body, fine adjustable focus, low divergence and clean beam. Infrared lasers are available with wavelength ranges of 705nm to 1064nm. TTL modulation frequency of Max 1MHz can be attained. Beam shaping optics can be added to UT series lasers.

Modulation Frequency up to 1MHzLaser Excitation
High Power StabilityLight Scattering
Collimated / Adjustable FocusMeasurement
Part NumberLaser powerWavelengthLens typeLaser classModulation
UT5-30G-70530 mW705 nm Aspherical GlassClass IIIB1 MHz
UT5-30G-73030mW730 nm Aspherical GlassClass IIIB1 MHz
UT5-1G-7801 mW780 nm Aspherical GlassClass IIIB1 MHz
UT5-15G-78015 mW780 nm Aspherical GlassClass IIIB1 MHz
UT5-50G-78050 mW780 nmAspherical GlassClass IIIB1 MHz
UT5-40G-83040 mW830 nmAspherical GlassClass IIIB1 MHz
UT5-40G-85040 mW850 nmAspherical GlassClass IIIB1 MHz
UT5-50G-98050 mW980 nmAspherical GlassClass IIIB3 KHz

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