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DPGL-Series Green Laser Module

DPGL-Series Green Laser Module

DPGL series green lasers are diode pumped green lasers operating at 532nm.
The diode, driver and optics are integrated in a compact package. The DPGL series lasers offer excellent beam quality and stability.
Modulation and beam shaping optics can be added to the DPGL series lasers.

Features Applications
Collimated Holography
Circular Beam Semiconductor Inspection
High Power stability Biomedical
Reverse Polarity Protection Alignment
Part Number Laser power Wavelength Laser stability Laser class Modulation
DPGL-0.4S 0.4mW 532 nm <1% Class 1 Optional
DPGL-01S 1 mW 532 nm <1% Class II Optional
DPGL-05S 5mW 532 nm <1% Class IIIA Optional

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