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Measurement of directed blood flow by laser speckle

ER Hirst, OB Thompson… – SPIE BiOS, 2011 –
… 4.1 Methodology A fundus camera (fx-50R, Kowa Optimed Inc.) was equipped with
a diode laser (640nm, 50mW, World Star Tech, Toronto, Canada) and optics designed
to produce a ring of diffuse laser illumination. The diffuse …


Laser triangulation for shape acquisition in a 3D scanner plus scan

D Acosta, O García, J Aponte – Electronics, Robotics and …, 2006 –
… 3.1. Data Acquisition System (DAS) The laser triangulation method was implemented using
a line laser generator from World Star Tech reference ULL5-3.5G-635 and the webcam Logitech
Quick Pro 3000 (CCD Based camera). 3.2. Mechanical System …


Integrated pneumatic micro-pumps for high-throughput droplet-based microfluidics

JW Choi, S Lee, DH Lee, J Kim, SI Chang – RSC Advances, 2014 –
… S1†). Detection system. The detection system for fluorescence polarisation (FP) measurements
consists of a 488 nm, 10 mW diode laser (World Star Tech, Canada), an Olympus IX71 inverted
fluorescence microscope (Tokyo, Japan), and dual filter system. …!divAbstract


Far‐Field Nanoscopy with Reversible Chemical Reactions

M Schwering, A Kiel, A Kurz… – Angewandte Chemie …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library
… TIRFM data was acquired on a custom-built TIRFM setup consisting of a Zeiss Axioinvert 200
equipped with a laser emitting at 532 nm (World Star Tech TECGL-30: 532 nm; 30 mW, cw, Toronto,
Canada), which was coupled into to the microscope through the back port. …


Multi-wavelength optical determination of black and brown carbon in atmospheric aerosols

D Massabò, L Caponi, V Bernardoni, MC Bove… – Atmospheric …, 2015 – Elsevier
… In the new configuration, two laser diodes with λ = 375 nm and 532 nm (World Star Tech) have
been added. A motorized stage has been added to interchange the laser sources thus improving
the system stability and reproducibility and facilitating the analysis of many samples. …


Fabrication of graphene devices for infrared detection

KWC Lai, CKM Fung, H Chen, R Yang… – … (NMDC), 2010 IEEE, 2010 –
… 7. Ramam spectra (532 nm laser wavelength, Kaiser Optical Systems HoloProbe Raman
Spectrograph) obtained from few-layer-graphene and multi … The detector was tested by an IR laser
source (UH5- 30G-830-PV, World Star Tech; optical power: 30 mW; wavelength: 830 μm …


Analytical multi-spectral optical detection system- US Patent

C Elkin, W Hoover, R Kurnik – US Patent App. 11/267,962, 2005 – Google Patents
… Laser, Tech. World Star Tech,, TECGL-10G-532, 532 nm, 10 mW,
Thermoelectric, <0.5%, <0.5%, Class IIIb. Pumped, Toronto, ON,, 10. Laser, Canada. Diode Laser, World Star Tech, TECRL-10G-635 , 635 nm, 10 mW, Thermoelectric, <0.2%, <0.2%, Class IIIb. 10G ...