What are the Typical Laser Diode Parameters ?

Threshold Current
:  The lowest current at which lasing action takes place.

Operating Current : Ideal laser diode operating current

Operating Voltage : The voltage across the laser diode at the specified operating current.

Wavelength : The output wavelength can vary from sample-to-sample and due to temperature.

Radiation Angle : The beam divergence parallel (horizontal) and perpendicular (vertical) relative to the gain region of the laser diode.

Positional and Angular Accuracy : The tolerance in mounting of the laser diode chip.

Differential Efficiency : Once the current threshold has been exceeded, the incremental increase in output power with current is fairly linear, measured in mW/mA. However, it can vary widely from sample-to-sample and with changes in temperature.

Astigmatism : The difference in virtual point source of the parallel and perpendicular beams.

Laser Diode Monitor Current : Sensitivity of the monitor photodiode with respect to laser diode output power.