The HL85201MG laser diode is a high-power 850 nm laser diode that operates in a single transverse mode, providing excellent beam quality. It offers an optical output power of 250 mW (CW) and features a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +75°C. This laser diode is packaged in a 5.6 mm TO-18 can and is RoHS compliant, ensuring it meets environmental and safety standards.

The HL85201MG can be used as a light source for a variety of infrared illumination applications, including night vision devices, distance measurement sensors such as Time of Flight (ToF)*1, triangulation, and 3D sensing. Its high power and superior beam quality make it ideal for applications requiring precise and reliable infrared light sources.

Key Features:
  • High Power Output: 250 mW (CW) optical output power.
  • Single Transverse Mode: Ensures excellent beam quality.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +75°C for versatile applications.
  • Compact Package: 5.6 mm TO-18 can.
  • RoHS Compliant: Meets stringent environmental and safety standards.
Typical Applications:
  • Night Vision Devices: Provides reliable infrared illumination for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Distance Measurement Sensors (ToF): Enables precise distance measurement using Time of Flight technology.
  • Triangulation: Offers accurate position detection for various industrial and scientific applications.
  • 3D Sensing: Facilitates advanced 3D sensing for applications such as gesture recognition, facial recognition, and environmental mapping.

*1: Time of Flight (ToF) is a method for measuring the distance between a sensor and an object based on the time it takes for a light signal to travel to the object and back.