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TECBL Series Blue-Violet Laser Module

Tec Blue Violet Lasers

The TECBL series lasers are fully self-contained with an integrated temperature controller (TEC), laser driver circuit, surface polished glass asherical lens optics and laser diode in a compact package. Precise temperature control with the TEC results in excellent power and wavelength stability, low noise and long lifetime. All TECBL series lasers have a collimated, elliptical beam as the standard option. Circularization, TTL modulation and other beam shaping options can be added. Multimode fiber coupling is also available.
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Integrated TEC ControlBioanalytical
Low RMS NoiseImaging
Excellent Wavelength StabilityLight Scattering
Part NumberLaser powerWavelengthBeamLaser stabilityModulation
TECBL-3755 to 50 mW375 nmCollimated< 1%Optional
TECBL-4051 to 150 mW405 nmCollimated< 1%Optional
TECBL-44010 to 60 mW450 nmCollimated< 1%Optional
TECBL-4735 to 75 mW473 nmCollimated< 1%Optional
TECBL-4885 to 40 mW488 nmCollimated< 1%Optional

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