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TECGL Series Green Laser Module

TECGL Series Green Laser Module

World Star Tech offers diode pumped TEC green laser modules operating at 532nm and direct diode based TEC green lasers operating at 520nm wavelengths. Green TEC laser modules are fully self-contained with an integrated temperature controller (TEC), laser driver circuit, surface polished glass asherical lens optics, laser diode, and includes a wall mount adaptor for plug and play operation.
The unique properties include compact anodized aluminum body, clean collimated beam, excellent wavelength and power stability.
Temperature controlled green lasers work exceptionally well at an ambient temperature range between 10 to 40 degree C and they are strongly recommended for applications which require low RMS noise and peak to peak laser power stability.

Features Applications
Low RMS Noise Imaging
Excellent Power Stability Light Scattering
Excellent Wavelength Stability Laser Excitation
Part Number Laser power Wavelength Laser stability Modulation Features
TECGL-520 1-75 mW 520 nm <1% Can be added Direct diode based
TECGL-532 1-20 mW 532nm 1% Can be added DPSS; circular beam

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