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HL40163MG Laser Diode Specification Summary
Part NumberHL40163MG
Wavelength405 nm
Laser Power175 mW
Package5.6 mm
Maximum Operating Temperature-5 to 85 deg.
Pin ConfigurationN
Polarization Ratio1:100
DescriptionSingle Mode

Overview of HL40163MG Laser Diode

HL40163MG laser diode has 405nm wavelength, 175mW optical output single mode laser diode (LD) with stable beam quality over the widest operating temperature range in the industry.

405 nm single-mode LDs are widely used as a pick-up light source for Blu-ray discs, but in recent years their applications have expanded to industrial sensors, medical equipment and measuring instruments. In particular, for applications such like sensors for particle detection in semiconductor processes and 3D scanners for inspecting electronic components and substrates, there has been an increasing need for finer particle detection and higher resolution inspection requiring illumination with high light flux density and uniformity. For these applications, shorter wavelength that reduces the focused spot diameter and high-power lasers with stable beam quality over a wider range of temperature conditions are required.

HL40163MG has the industry’s widest operating temperature range, -5℃ to +85℃ for 405nm, 175mW single-mode LDs by using advanced crystal growth technology and a unique optical confinement control structure. HL40163MG laser diode is also have a high light flux density over the entire temperature range, and have succeeded in achieving stable, uniform beam characteristics and a low aspect ratio.

This HL40163MG laser diode is expected to be adopted in a wide range of fields, including industrial sensors, medical equipment, measuring and analysis equipment, 3D scanners and 3D printers, where stable performance is required in a variety of environments.

Product features

  • Optical output power and wavelength : 175mW 405nm (Tc=25℃)
  • High temperature operation : Max. operation temperature +85℃
  • Superior beam quality : Adopting unique optical confinement control structure

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