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HPL Series Blue Violet Laser Diode Module

HPL Series Blue Violet Laser Diode Module

HPL series blue violet laser diode modules are direct diode based blue laser  packaged in  a compact body with integrated optics and electronics.
HPL-Series  Lasers are compact self-contained, highly reliable lasers operating at very stable power with low noise.
The laser output power stability is better than 1% over long term.
Extremely stable power, low noise and excellent beam pointing stability makes this laser ideal for bioanalytical, measurement and imaging applications.
Compared to DPSS lasers, HP series lasers offer high stability, low noise and a higher operating temperature range.

These are available at powers up to 50mW. TTL modulation and beam shaping optics can be added to all HP series blue violet laser modules.

Features Applications
High Stability; Low Niose Alignment
Adjustable Focus Beam Projection/Display
Part Number Laser power Wavelength Size Ttl Modulation Features
HPL Series Violet Laser 5 to 50 mW 405 nm 15mm (D) X 51mm (L) Can be added Compact, Adjustable Focus
HPL Series Blue Laser 5 to 50 mW 450 nm 15 mm (D) X 51mm (L) Can Be added Compact, Adjustable Focus
HPL-Series Green Laser 1-75 mW 520 nm Can be added 15 mm (D) X 51mm (L) Compact, Adjustable Focus

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