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Red Laser Module

World Star Tech offers a complete line of blue laser diodes manufactured by Osram.

PLTB450B is a 1.6W high power blue laser diode (TO56 package) with excellent beam quality and efficiency. PLPT 450D is the next generation 450nm laser diode now available. PLPT 450D is available in a 9mm can and produces a max power of 3.5W, making it suitable for laser projection, laser illumination and light show applications.

PLT5 450B (5.6 mm package) and PL 450B (3.8 mm package) blue laser diodes are single mode lasers with 80mW power.

50W multi-die blue laser PLPM4 450 with 20 laser chips in a single package providing over 2,000 lumens brightness.

World Star Tech maintains a large inventory of all Osram blue laser diodes with optional wavelength selection.

Please contact us for all your blue laser requirement and applications with outstanding technical support.

Features Applications
Single Transverse Mode Laser (PLT5 450B and PL 450B) Illumination-Biomedical Hariom
1.6W, 3.5W and 50W 450nm High Power Blue Laser Medical-Biomedical
Part Number Wavelength Laser power Package Max Temperature Pin configuration Polarization ratio
PL 450B 450 nm 80 mW 3.8mm 70 deg 2 pin 100:1
PLT5 450B 450 nm 80 mW 5.6 mm 70 deg 2 pin 100:1
PLTB 450B 450 nm 1.6 W 5.6 mm 85 deg 2 pin 100:1
PLPT9 450D 450nm 3.5 W 9 mm 120 deg 2 pin 100:1
PLPM4 450 450 mm 50W 25.5 mm x 35 mm 70 deg Butterfly N/A
PLT5 488 488 nm 60 mW 5.6 mm 50 deg 3 pin 100:1

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