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Collimated Laser Diode

Collimated laser diodes are an assembly of a laser diode with a specified collimating lens within a small package. World Star Tech offers collimated laser diodes from 400nm to 1064nm with a standard or custom design.

Our experienced design team will offer custom laser diode collimators with desired divergence and beam size and shape.

Typical Applications:

Industrial Measurement and Alignment

Positioning and Sensing

Machine Vision


Features Applications
Compact Collimated Laser Diode Aligngnment and Sensing
Anodized Insulated Aluminum Body Machine Visiopn and Industrial
Part Number Laser power Wavelength Lens type Features
COL-XXG-520A 10, 30, 50 mW 520 nm Aspherical Glass Compact Body
COL-XXG-635 7, 10, 20 mW 635 nm Aspherical Glass Compact Body
COL-70G-780A 70 mW 780 nm Aspherical Glass Compact Body

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