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Measurement of directed blood flow by laser speckle

Measurement of directed blood flow by laser speckle

Advanced Laser Applications Using World Star Tech Lasers2

Measurement of directed blood flow by laser speckle

ER Hirst, OB Thompson… – SPIE BiOS, 2011 –
… 4.1 Methodology A fundus camera (fx-50R, Kowa Optimed Inc.) was equipped with
a diode laser (640nm, 50mW, World Star Tech, Toronto, Canada) and optics designed
to produce a ring of diffuse laser illumination. The diffuse …

Laser triangulation for shape acquisition in a 3D scanner plus scan

D Acosta, O García, J Aponte – Electronics, Robotics and …, 2006 –
… 3.1. Data Acquisition System (DAS) The laser triangulation method was implemented using
a line laser generator from World Star Tech reference ULL5-3.5G-635 and the webcam Logitech
Quick Pro 3000 (CCD Based camera). 3.2. Mechanical System …

Integrated pneumatic micro-pumps for high-throughput droplet-based microfluidics

JW Choi, S Lee, DH Lee, J Kim, SI Chang – RSC Advances, 2014 –
… S1†). Detection system. The detection system for fluorescence polarisation (FP) measurements
consists of a 488 nm, 10 mW diode laser (World Star Tech, Canada), an Olympus IX71 inverted
fluorescence microscope (Tokyo, Japan), and dual filter system. …!divAbstract

Far‐Field Nanoscopy with Reversible Chemical Reactions

M Schwering, A Kiel, A Kurz… – Angewandte Chemie …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library
… TIRFM data was acquired on a custom-built TIRFM setup consisting of a Zeiss Axioinvert 200
equipped with a laser emitting at 532 nm (World Star Tech TECGL-30: 532 nm; 30 mW, cw, Toronto,
Canada), which was coupled into to the microscope through the back port. …

Multi-wavelength optical determination of black and brown carbon in atmospheric aerosols

D Massabò, L Caponi, V Bernardoni, MC Bove… – Atmospheric …, 2015 – Elsevier
… In the new configuration, two laser diodes with λ = 375 nm and 532 nm (World Star Tech) have
been added. A motorized stage has been added to interchange the laser sources thus improving
the system stability and reproducibility and facilitating the analysis of many samples. …

Fabrication of graphene devices for infrared detection

KWC Lai, CKM Fung, H Chen, R Yang… – … (NMDC), 2010 IEEE, 2010 –
… 7. Ramam spectra (532 nm laser wavelength, Kaiser Optical Systems HoloProbe Raman
Spectrograph) obtained from few-layer-graphene and multi … The detector was tested by an IR laser
source (UH5- 30G-830-PV, World Star Tech; optical power: 30 mW; wavelength: 830 μm …

Analytical multi-spectral optical detection system- US Patent

C Elkin, W Hoover, R Kurnik – US Patent App. 11/267,962, 2005 – Google Patents
… Laser, Tech. World Star Tech,, TECGL-10G-532, 532 nm, 10 mW,
Thermoelectric, <0.5%, <0.5%, Class IIIb. Pumped, Toronto, ON,, 10. Laser, Canada. Diode Laser, World Star Tech, TECRL-10G-635 , 635 nm, 10 mW, Thermoelectric, <0.2%, <0.2%, Class IIIb. 10G ...

Optical analysis of emissions from stimulated liquids- US Patent

A Chekalyuk – US Patent App. 14/376,297, 2013 – Google Patents
… [0074]. In an example, the in-situ optical system 800 includes, among other components, the
laser 770 (eg, World Star Tech TECGL-35G-515-SMA-TTL-A, 35 mW at 518 nm), the spectrometer
712 (eg, Ocean Optics USB4000), the photomultiplier (PMT) 726 (eg, Hamamatsu …

Development of a Capillary Waveguide Biosensor Analytical Module

Development of a Capillary Waveguide Biosensor Analytical Module for Use with the MBARI Environmental Sample Processor
HS Dhadwal, JA Radway, J Aller, P Kemp… – … Technologies for Ocean …, 2012 – Springer
… It was replaced by a 30 mW, temperature-stabilized, solid-state 532 nm laser (World Star Tech
TECGL-05-TTL), with power stability better than 2 %. For single photon counting systems, there
are two possible solutions, one based on a photomultiplier (PMT) and the other on an …

Scanning near-field optical microscopy utilizing silicon nitride probe photoluminescence

V Lulevich, WA Ducker – Applied Physics Letters, 2005 –
… A small drop of index matching liquid (microscope oil type B, refractive index 1.515, Cargille,
US) was placed between the lens and the surface. A thermoelectrically cooled diode laser (532
nm, 10 mW, TECGL-10, World Star Tech., Canada) was used as a light source. …

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