Tecrl-series red laser

World Star Tech’s TECRL Series Thermoelectrically Cooled Red Laser Module features red lasers from 635nm to 690 nm with an integrated TEC and driver circuit in a compact self-contained rugged package.

The built in temperature controller maintains the laser diode temperature within ±0.01°C resulting in excellent power stability and low noise over long term with  excellent beam pointing stability.

These characteristics make the TECRL series lasers ideal for bioanalytical, measurement and imaging applications.

TECRL series lasers are available in output power ranges of  0.4 to 125 mW depending on the wavelength chosen.

The standard version is  CW with elliptical beam, and comes with a power supply for plug and play operation.

All lasers are equipped with a potentiometer for user adjustment of the power.

TTL modulation and beam circularization options can be added on.

Features Applications
  • Low RMS Noise
  • Bioanalytical
  • Excellent Wavelength Stability
  • Imaging
  • High Power stability
  • Measurement & Light Scattering
  • Adjustable Focus
  • Laser Excitation



Part number Laser power Wavelength Laser stability Modulation Features
TECRL-635 0.4 to 125 mW 635 nm < 1% Optional Adjustable Focus
TECRL-650 0.4 to 7 mW 650 nm < 1% Optional Adjustable Focus
TECRL-658 10 to 100 mW 658 nm < 1% Optional Adjustable Focus
TECRL-670 0.4 to 7 mW 670 nm < 1% Optional Adjustable Focus
TECRL-690 1-25 mW 690 nm < 1% Optional Adjustable Focus