Dpgl-series green laser line

DPGL Series Green Line Lasers are diode pumped green lasers operating at 532 nm. They come in a compact, anodized aluminum package with integrated optics and electronics.Unique features are factory collimated thin, precise line and excellent power stability.
All DPGL series lasers come with a
power supply for easy plug and play.
Features Applications
  • Collimated thin line
  • Measurement
  • High Power Stability
  • Alignment
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Bioanalytical



Part number Wavelength Laser power Lens type Laser stability Laser class
DPGL-0.4S-XX 532 nm 0.4 mW Glass 1% Class 1
DPGL-01S-XX 532 nm 1 mW Glass 1% Class II
DPGL-05S-XX 532 nm 5 mW Glass 1% Class II