Tec-infrared laser

TECIRL-Series Thermo-Electrically Cooled Infrared Laser  is a compact self-contained, highly reliable laser operating at very stable wavelength and power.
The build-in temperature controller stabilizes the laser temperature within ±0.01°C. 
The laser output power stability is better than 1% over long term.
Extremely stable power, low noise and excellent beam pointing stability of this laser makes it ideal for bioanalytical, measurement and imaging applications. 
It is powered by a wall mount power adaptor (supplied with the laser) for plug & play operation.

TECIRL-Series lasers can be customized to include beam shaping optics.

Features Applications
  • Integrated Temperature Controller
  • Bioanalytical
  • Low RMS Noise
  • Imaging
  • Excellent Wavelength Stability
  • Light Scattering
  • High Power Stability
  • Measurement
Part number Laser power Wavelength Modulation Features
TECIRL-705 30 mW 705 nm Optional Adjustable Focus
TECIRL-730 30mW 730 nm Optional Adjustable Focus
TECIRL-780 1-50mW 780 nm Optional Adjustable Focus
TECIRL-808 10-400mW 808 nm Optional Adjustable Focus
TECIRL-830 10-150mW 830 nm Optional Adjustable Focus
TECIRL-850 1-40mW 850 nm Optional Adjustable Focus